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Using Library Computers

This section covers day-to-day "floor survival" skills for using the computers and equipment located within the library.

Make a Reservation:

  1, Inside the Library:

Select “Reserve a Computer” button on the library Kiosk menu.

  1.b Making a Reservation Outside the Library:

Select the “Reserve a Computer” button the left side of the library webpage.

NOTE: You may also choose "Reserve a Computer" from the library's "mobile" website:


  2.  Click “Make New Reservation”

 3. Enter YOUR library card # and library PIN #

  4. Choose either “Select by Area” or “Select by Computer”

-->The default time to start looking for available computers begins immediately. However, you may make an advanced reservation for a future date/time.

Note: available "Areas"  varies by branch . . .

5. Click Reserve

  6. If the reservation is acceptable, be sure to remember and/or write down your reserved computer and reservation time.

-->Click Accept<--

7.  If you do not like the computer/time shown, you may Cancel and start over.

Hints to reduce wait time:

1. Try selecting a different Computer or Area.

2. Make an advanced reservation for a future date/time. (This can also be done from the Library’s website.

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Using the Fax Machine
Fax maintenance/troubleshooting
Using the copier/settings
Coin-op procedures
Using the Scanner
Scanning to USB drive
File formats and conversions
Replacing Toner Cartridge

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Using the Fax Machine:

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