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Patron Frequently Asked Questions

How many items can I check out?

You can check out up to 25 (twenty-five) items with the exception of the following:  DVD, limit = 7, Video-game, limit=3

How many e-books can I check out at one time?

Generally, five e-books may be checked out at any given time.

How do I reset my Personal Information Number (PIN)?

Use the following link to reset your Libray PIN.$002f$$002fclient$002fen_US$002fdefault$002fsearch$002faccount$003f/

(Your library account MUST have a registered email address to use the above link)

How do I apply for a library card?

Library cards are available to Mohave County Residents and partial-year residents. You may apply online using the following link:$N/SYMWS/true?

  • Note:  You must bring photo ID and proof of local address to your nearest local library within 30 days to receive your permanent card.

How much does it cost to get a library card?

The first library card is free. However, there is a $2.00 fee to replace your library card if it is lost or stolen.

What are the late fees?

Late fees are $.20 per item per day up to $5.00 per item.

Can I print things from the public computers?

Yes, you can print from the public computers. Prints are $.15 a page and are only black and white.

Can I print things from my laptop?

Yes, we have wireless printing for laptops. However, we don’t have the ability to print from mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, and tablets.

Do you have a fax machine? If so, how much does it cost to fax?

The library offers faxing service but only to send faxes. There is no cost to use our fax machine.

Do I need a library card to use the public computers?

If you are a local resident you do need a library card to use the public computers. Visitors to the area can get a guest pass for the day to use the public computers by showing staff their out-of state ID.

Does the library have a notary?

At this time the library doesn’t provide notary service.

Do you need a password/code for the WiFi?

No, you don’t need a password to connect to the library WiFi as it is NOT secured. However, since the WiFi isn’t secured someone could pick up your information. It is your responsibility to secure your equipment.

Can I pay for copies and prints with a credit or debit card at the machine?

At this time, credit or debit cards cannot be used at the copier or printer to pay.

Does the library offer Ancestry and if so, why isn’t it on your website with the other databases?

Yes, the library does offer Ancestry however, it isn’t on the website with the other databases because it can only be used while on the library computers or network.